4131(default numbering)

  sometimes, at times, maybe even at frequent intervals: I wondered if it was worth it the delicacy, the articulacy, of “friendships”, “friends” and all “companionships” that have that platonica and agape in its wake: wakes like storms and funerals, funereal in my word choice. Pondering this because all my chronologia, my genealogies added onContinue reading “4131(default numbering)”


things playing with a  staticity; owning me in their random chessboard of sepulchre knights with the queen in nights and day-borne sentry seeing the kings so sombre pressing me into games I played and played why is it that though I play by the rules agreed by others and hope for respectful mutuals I gainContinue reading “playings”

How friendship is a “non-friendly” babushka doll concept

The french word “Être” is a multitudinous organism. It has multiple applications but it’s general English meaning is “to be” — yeah, despite French’s concreteness which is shared by many languages the word “to be” is as flexible as the circumflex across its head. The French poet, Andre Breton, had written the poem, The Verb ToContinue reading “How friendship is a “non-friendly” babushka doll concept”

something about being friends

  hoping you would understand the relevance of me carrying a slight dash of your tears in my eyes for a grief given to you to yet I cried…hoping that weeping for you adjusted that atlas weight you carried… chaptering on some faraway wishes, I thought we were “we” did not mean to be justContinue reading “something about being friends”

Charcoal grilling might be adding carcinogens to your meat. Why doesn’t that bother you?

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In the early 1770s London doctor Percival Pott noticed something strange about the chimneysweeps in his town: an unusually high percentage of them had a rare form of cancer. Most chimneysweeps at that time were boys under the age of fifteen because kids were better at squeezing into…

On the World Around Us: A Sampling of Science Blogs

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We love writers who are constantly curious — asking questions, digging deeper, and always learning about the world around us. Here are some science bloggers to add to your reading list: The Renaissance Mathematicus The self-proclaimed “aging freak” at Renaissance Mathematicus writes about the history, philosophy, and mythology of…