Of Toxic People

“Worst of all, their poisoning is not a death but, an initiation, a contagion, when they eventually turn you into one of them, if its too late. You move on with a conviction to continue the process.”

Very well written definitions and perspectives on toxicity and toxic people.

Of Opinions

Source: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1572869/thumbs/o-DEPRESSION-facebook.jpg Source: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1572869/thumbs/o-DEPRESSION-facebook.jpg

I’ll make a wild guess and say that the word “toxic,” when used to describe a person and not a substance, is probably an American invention. I presume if a person would be described as toxic in the olden days, it would be someone who literally wants to poison you, using a literal poison. Killing me softly, even unconsciously, must be a phenomenon of our modern age. I’ve already discussed tough love, which may be taken as a sub-category of this practice. When we’re talking about toxic people, we’re not talking about people who clearly hate us, overtly or secretly. Really, these people are either much too invested in or indifferent to our existence to wilfully hurt us. In the extreme scale of love and hate, they occupy the grey area. Unlike the ones who hate or the ones who love, these people often escape detection and…

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