Fuck Busy

Sometimes I do think on this. Are you less relevant, smart, significant, important, good or better because you are NOT busy?

Sometimes, procrastination or even some time off is what people need. They may not have been workaholics true but neither have they degenerated to dope pushing or weird looking sloths/slouches/busybodies(pun-intended)/criminals. How can you construct a “busy” when you don’t have a “leisure” or even a gradient of “things to do”. In my blog before I did talk abut boredom and me not being integral. This has a lot of things to do with “busy” culture and also how many developing countries don’t have the concept of “leisure time spent” either.

I may write a bit more in-depth on this but I am happy that this article does make sense.

The Belle Jar

Late last night I was cruising around on Pinterest because hey I’m a boring 30-something mom and that’s what I do when I can’t sleep. Which, by the way, is every night, meaning that I’ve developed a bit of a Pinterest habit, among other things (my  insomnia-beating arsenal includes such soothing activities as: watching documentaries about the Chernobyl “liquidators,” hate-reading the blogs of conservative white dudes, and sending slightly incoherent late-night messages to my friends and acquaintances). Anyway, I was happily scrolling through pictures of pretty landscapes tragically marred by trite sayings (example: a gorgeous mountain at sunset with DON’T GIVE UP, THE BEST IS YET TO COME scrawled across it in white letters) when I came across this:


I had one of those moments where I was like, “oh.” And then I was like, “yes.” And then I had this huge mishmash of complicated feelings that I’ve been trying…

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I'm quite crazy in the sense I have a wild imagination. I'm a heterodox thinker who wants to be a writer and a manga artist (though I can't draw better than starting infants. I still wanna try). I love writing, reading novels and watching anime. In fact many of my writings include fanfiction. I starting writing actually, or shall I say more properly, through fanfiction. I like things that may seem bizarre to some and have really outrageous ideas though I do long to escape my monotonous life many a times. I like being a university student but there is so much more I want to do. Well, that's me concentrated, shortened and simplified! Just an ordinary girl eying the fruit that makes one dream ^_^

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