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I have forgotten how to write; I borrow from words of favourite authors or poets, online, offline, in print — I stalk, in a friendly way, the vocabulary emitted by friends in the ozone as my side of the world looks at needing patches of effusions on that crystalline-dark matter of a magically scientific field that puts us under some other feelings like the six degrees of separation; I lust after knowledge, under both the labels of the arcane and the modern: a suddenness makes me me feel unhappy, a preparation makes me unhappy.

I have forgotten how to write. So I look at wordpress pages, tumblr posts and reblogs and quotes to feed this appetite in me whose parenthesis seems to be only craving but non-sustainable; my eco-green planning turning to urbane shanty — I look for verdian pots in fanfiction oeuvres and cul-de-sacs of myself and others. I read old work of others, and new, revisit old haunts and seem to find new. I write fanfiction myself because a novel is not for me now though a fanfiction with my own ideas is writing especially if the story of the original is filled with ambiguity (fanfiction on all genres, shows, formats is writing even if it’s 50 shades of practice).

I have forgotten how to write. That is poem seems so bad. I am sorry if I am not witty. But I have never truly boasted intelligence unless it be boasted for me. And all the mathematicians and physics majors and physicians and doctors and lawyers and engineers whose crafts matter more than mine I wonder how in that quantum googolplex do my profession really counts? To the modern mind I may be dumb and pretty obsolete like a cartographer sailing seas using the stars when there are radio shacks and lighthouses on a whimsy. Yet I cannot be a cartographer for the moon, for that would probably be a cartographer for billetdeaux.

I have forgotten how to write. Yet I imagine faces of the moon as one large phasic typewriter. And somewhere along Mars neophyte water sprites may be becoming molecules for new, imaginary oceans.▬

Perhaps, I have forgotten how to write…▬

Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars | Science | The Guardian




Researchers say discovery of stains from summertime flows down cliffs and crater walls increases chance of finding life on red planet

Source: Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars | Science | The Guardian

My Top Fifteen Autobiographical Albums

Pet Shop Boys “Actually” – My Abbu (Father) introduced me to that album and you know I have been listening to it since I was 6 or 7 years old. The album stayed with me though I may not have known all the words then. But “One More Chance”, “Rent” and “King’s Cross” the first track, 4th trach and last track respectively are so BEAUTIFUL they are hauntingly crawling on your senses and skin. Pet Shop Boys “Actually” they don’t really make ’em like that anymore.

Of Opinions

I am not too sure about this. Pop music lovers have an insatiable need to gorge on lists and make their own, only to start massive, almost intergalactic fights about them. I recently watched a definitive top ten artists of the 1970s list, which did not include David Bowie. These same list-makers did not include Roy Orbison in top male vocalists, and placed Bob Dylan at number 5 in the definitive artists list of the 1960s. I sensed the angry, dormant troll in me, but managed to close tab soon enough. On the other hand, I recently listened to Q magazine’s “worst album of all time” – Duran Duran’s Thank You – and liked it. The rapping was ill-advised on that one, but I dare you to listen to their cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” and tell me it was a waste of your time.

Having said that, I…

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Dreamforce’s ‘Women’s Innovation’ panel is why we should stop babying female CEOs

When offered the opportunity to attend a woman-focused panel at a major event, my sanity-defense sensors begin to fly. It’s true that I believe that female

Source: Dreamforce’s ‘Women’s Innovation’ panel is why we should stop babying female CEOs

When Is It Okay To Call A Woman A Whore? | Thought Catalog

Kim Davis, who opposes gay marriage, committed adultery, divorced three times, and had kids out of wedlock.

Source: When Is It Okay To Call A Woman A Whore? | Thought Catalog

This article is more about how Kim Davis should be talked on about her misusing her power and that, as quoted:

Anyone who thinks Liberals and Conservatives are morally distinct should think again. People are terrible all over and they’ll say whatever suits them at any given moment without any fear of being logically or morally inconsistent. Are you a Liberal woman? Believe in female autonomy and the right to divorce and have kids whenever you want? That’s fine, unless you do something other Liberal people don’t like. Then you’re a whore. Now that is hypocrisy.

I think this a problem we all face. Yes you can critique her on that if she is so conservative why is she like that but thinking of this as abling to brand her a “whore” is non productive I believe. Yes Davis should be criticised heavily on her homophobic nature and she should also be criticised on misusing her power, being mean to people in general. However, I do not necessarily think shaming her marriages to four guys and all should be really put up. One can question her that if she has the right to do then why can’t people have their rights too. That if she is able to do that so should everyone else.

What My Uterus Can Teach You About Being a Tech Leader — Medium

But Rahm Emanuel had also apparently been unimpressed with the focus on Wojcicki’s role as a mother of five instead of her groundbreaking contributions to the tech industry. As the session wrapped up — and you can see the tail end of the interview at the 40:30 mark of this video — he said,

“Can I say one thing? You know, I watched your interview with the CEO of YouTube. You know your first four questions to her were about her children and you didn’t ask either one of us about our kids?… If you want to get to know Ari and me, we could spend until four in the morning talking about our kids.”

Well said, Mr. Mayor, well said.

Spoiler alert: my uterus doesn’t have much to say on the matter of technology and how it can improve people’s lives, though my brain has…

Source: What My Uterus Can Teach You About Being a Tech Leader — Medium

I do find this a problem really. You are doing no woman or man a favour by only reiterating their maternal or paternal instincts. I am not happy that this is pretty still undertaken by interviewers. Being a mother and father may not completely compliment what a person’s job style or thing is. And asking females/women constantly what sort of mother or pregnancy they are having is sexist. Unless, it had a point. I think the fact that she can balance these things is a testament to her strength but to only focus on that and not show her work ethic is going nowhere. No man or woman in such interviews needs to reiterate to the world that they are a parent. That can be done in other ways.

Mary Oliver on How Differences Bring Couples Closer Together | Brain Pickings

“All of it, the differences and the maverick uprisings, are part of the richness of life. If you are too much like myself, what shall I learn of you, or you of me?”

Source: Mary Oliver on How Differences Bring Couples Closer Together | Brain Pickings

Brain pickings is one of my favourite sites. Maybe I will not always agree with everything being sad but I appreciate the amount of reading, organising and work being done. I also now like that the site has seemingly gotten a redesign. Looks great 😉

In this topic I both agree and disagree. Yet, my position is not aggressive rather it is something I can say that you need both similarities and differences, a sort of equanimity, a equity, a balance that work for you guys. Too much similarity becomes coercive and codependent or insecure at times. Too much difference becomes othering and all the consequences related to that but this line that is capitalised in the beginning:

“All of it, the differences and the maverick uprisings, are part of the richness of life. If you are too much like myself, what shall I learn of you, or you of me?”

I totally agree with that. It is great to know that you are being challenged and learning from the other person and synchronizing your own talents too and they too benefit from doing that.

Of How To Be A Better Writer

There was no way I was not gonna not reblog this it was extremely important. “On Opinions” is a blog I think most writers should read in general. I really recommend it. Not only is the blogger prolific but she is able add a lot of detail and focus to her writing; she does the technicals but she is also personal and you know what vulnerable but at the same time professional, active and has the humour to make things entertaining and interesting. I would say that it is also important to know that she allows you to think on things. I should ask her for more tips because my aesthetics with laziness and boredom are becoming irrefutable gross to my writer’s sensibilities.

Of Opinions


1. Read less how-to-write books and articles. Of course, you feel the need for some. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this one. But, you should be worried if they form the bulk of your reading diet. If this is the tenth how-to on writing you’ve read this week, I suggest you abort immediately and go read a real book.

2. Learn to write intuitively. That is what we are doing when we are reading, and when we are working on our own writing. Writing well is a subconscious process. There is no instant Hemingway-making device, not to my knowledge. Even if there was, you shouldn’t be writing like him. Learn from him if you want to, but be your own person. Be your own writer.

3. Preferably, don’t take a literature course. Literature courses don’t teach you how to write, unless they offer a specific course on creative writing…

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