Of How To Be A Better Writer

There was no way I was not gonna not reblog this it was extremely important. “On Opinions” is a blog I think most writers should read in general. I really recommend it. Not only is the blogger prolific but she is able add a lot of detail and focus to her writing; she does the technicals but she is also personal and you know what vulnerable but at the same time professional, active and has the humour to make things entertaining and interesting. I would say that it is also important to know that she allows you to think on things. I should ask her for more tips because my aesthetics with laziness and boredom are becoming irrefutable gross to my writer’s sensibilities.

Of Opinions


1. Read less how-to-write books and articles. Of course, you feel the need for some. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this one. But, you should be worried if they form the bulk of your reading diet. If this is the tenth how-to on writing you’ve read this week, I suggest you abort immediately and go read a real book.

2. Learn to write intuitively. That is what we are doing when we are reading, and when we are working on our own writing. Writing well is a subconscious process. There is no instant Hemingway-making device, not to my knowledge. Even if there was, you shouldn’t be writing like him. Learn from him if you want to, but be your own person. Be your own writer.

3. Preferably, don’t take a literature course. Literature courses don’t teach you how to write, unless they offer a specific course on creative writing…

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