My Top Fifteen Autobiographical Albums

Pet Shop Boys “Actually” – My Abbu (Father) introduced me to that album and you know I have been listening to it since I was 6 or 7 years old. The album stayed with me though I may not have known all the words then. But “One More Chance”, “Rent” and “King’s Cross” the first track, 4th trach and last track respectively are so BEAUTIFUL they are hauntingly crawling on your senses and skin. Pet Shop Boys “Actually” they don’t really make ’em like that anymore.

Of Opinions

I am not too sure about this. Pop music lovers have an insatiable need to gorge on lists and make their own, only to start massive, almost intergalactic fights about them. I recently watched a definitive top ten artists of the 1970s list, which did not include David Bowie. These same list-makers did not include Roy Orbison in top male vocalists, and placed Bob Dylan at number 5 in the definitive artists list of the 1960s. I sensed the angry, dormant troll in me, but managed to close tab soon enough. On the other hand, I recently listened to Q magazine’s “worst album of all time” – Duran Duran’s Thank You – and liked it. The rapping was ill-advised on that one, but I dare you to listen to their cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” and tell me it was a waste of your time.

Having said that, I…

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