confessions (ii)

Today I wanted to shake hands with a girl in a lecture. She seems uncomfortable and uninterested; she had bright red hair, coloured as a cherry. She spoke on Jeanette Winterson. On gender. And I didn’t impress her. I was just there. I was just an odd person. The guy who sat next to meContinue reading “confessions (ii)”


To have someone as talented as Mari Sanchez Cayuso dedicate a poem to you that captures your being in the now. By Allah Almighty you feel Blessed and you feel wow how can someone know this so well. I am also teary eyed. Thank you Mari. May Allah Almighty (God) always make you happy 🙂


I call it feeling miserable; mouthing an adventure as well two feelings contradictorily present….on the high of depression, on the highs of curiosities I am a curiosity for myself….a marvelling disdain; a sequestered quiet. ≈

confession (i)

I didn’t know that studying abroad would be a lonely experience. I am just into the experience so I am not sure how the entire experience will be; yet. And I notice people have more boundaries than me. There are a lot of cool White and Black people – people of Asiatic origins and suchContinue reading “confession (i)”


Leave it to poet Mari to start with squirrels and go to lucidity – a mix of what someone like Ezra pound or Poe would do then migrating to something Updike would do or Barrett Browning or Anne Sexton – but saying this is a disservice because Mari is too unique a poet anyways toContinue reading “!”