Weekend Edition – Top Ten Reasons I Love Writing

One of the best articles I read today. It does frame that something into purpose. This was just amazing 😀

Live to Write - Write to Live

Drumroll, please: The Top Ten Reasons I Love Writing

Top TenLet’s face it – you have to reallylove writing to keep doing it day after day, even on the days when it’s hard, even on the days when you’ve lost all hope of ever figuring out your protagonist’s purpose, where your tangled plot is going, or the inner workings of the mercurial labyrinth that is modern publishing. You have to burn with a heartfelt, almost zealous desire to create something out of nothing. This is what it takes if you’re going to keep banging your head against the keyboard day after day – toiling on blog posts, essays, short stories, poems, or whichever literary form you choose.

“Normal” people don’t write. Crazy people write. But, we’re crazy in all the best ways.

I have explored the question of why we write a few times in posts like What Your Writing…

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If I am a Poet

Writers write because it is concatenated with breathing and that connection severed is basically cerebral and spiritually suicided. And Opinions, let me call her Opi, got this right 😀

Of Opinions

If I am a poet
I must not know it.
For with a propensity to rhyme
Comes the crime of showing it.

It were no sin
To say what you mean
In a world where thoughts are channelled
Through moral guardians whose minds are panelled.

But, I forever fail to please
In heart, in head, in manners of ease.

Such an oddity
In mind and in body.

Unrelenting Idealist
I am not your ideal anything.

I weaken, I scar
My dullness is
Unquestionably bizarre.

And yet, I write
For typing is better than to fight.

And not writing,
Might as well be dying.

What else is there in life?
When making things is your only strife?

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Slights or the inconveniences of childhood

There is something about a “slight” — you know a slight happens because it was always sideways aggression. It has been around and you sort of meandered into it. I have faced this gesture before, this action: in all explicitness, it is both “gesture” and “action”, both nonverbal and verbal. Slights are gestures as in they are meant to gesticulate a form of forced negativity. An action as it is subconsciously present and soon consciously put into a form of practice. I had understood I had been slighted by a bunch of undergraduate students at a party. And I know why this had happened. It happened for many reasons: one is considering intelligence, the other is social magnetism and the other is a perceived insult.

To talk on “considering intelligence” is to extrapolate on ideas about how odd you may think another person’s “nerdiness” or “geekiness” is. If you have perceived intelligent you may easily ostracised or rather a good talker in conversations. Now, I am not being egotistical but being considered nerdy or geeky can be a considerable threat to people who are still learning to learn their own skins and flesh. And being able to communicate ideas effectively is also considered a big deal. Especially if you are a migrant, especially if you are there to help make a framework of privilege, when that is defied people are automatically threatened.

I am South Asian. I have an americanised accent. I am a geek and nerd who is comfortable around strangers in a party and able to talk to them. Without the drink. I can act zany and be in tune with who I am. Also, I am much older but I apparently never look that age.

This is perceived threatening to people. I am an odd creature. I am like a somnambulist in a crowd of dreamers.

And so they decided to ask me multiple times to come to a club with them. I agreed.

When the time came they left without me.

And then when I just said “hi” on facebook they proudly stated they went.

It was a slight if not fully intended. It just was in their minds. They didn’t like me. I am good as a theory (they wanted me to hook up with a dude, I specifically said “are you trying to ship me with him?” they said “yes”) but I am not palatable as a praxis (seeing me with a bar with them).

I write this because you may be slighted not because you are an undesirable but rather you may have traits that are desirable to a certain point. People, I was told, liked to bold, chivalric and interesting without having to giggle, drink and play the clown. However, this doesn’t happen easily rather it takes a lot of few to get down to it. So, if anyone defies this logic it is a threat to a person’s way to function through that precarious position of partying and socialising.

I did not write them to elevate my status or condescend anyone. I wrote it as I was once bullied so much it was good to know that exclusion, as in social exclusion, is not really someone’s fault. After all a collective is not an individual’s choice. It is the choice of the collective. So, many a times, you are not responsible at all for being not accepted. It just happens.