Weekend Edition – Top Ten Reasons I Love Writing

One of the best articles I read today. It does frame that something into purpose. This was just amazing 😀

Live to Write - Write to Live

Drumroll, please: The Top Ten Reasons I Love Writing

Top TenLet’s face it – you have to reallylove writing to keep doing it day after day, even on the days when it’s hard, even on the days when you’ve lost all hope of ever figuring out your protagonist’s purpose, where your tangled plot is going, or the inner workings of the mercurial labyrinth that is modern publishing. You have to burn with a heartfelt, almost zealous desire to create something out of nothing. This is what it takes if you’re going to keep banging your head against the keyboard day after day – toiling on blog posts, essays, short stories, poems, or whichever literary form you choose.

“Normal” people don’t write. Crazy people write. But, we’re crazy in all the best ways.

I have explored the question of why we write a few times in posts like What Your Writing…

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