Mari Sanchez Cayuso really talks about how being brilliant can actually be a curse to others who do not concur with that perception of brilliance. She is not being narcissistic; she is being truthful that you have a positive energy within you but people attempt to negate it. They want to negate it because it does not fit their image of brilliance and that actually becomes a burden. I faced this a bit myself. Perhaps I am not brilliant but I know how imposition of a pattern without much help on what can be done to improve or understand that pattern actually hurts the very fabric of your confidence and sometimes your being. But we shouldn’t give up: Mari hasn’t either. Mari has caught wind of the problem and she will ride it through and eventually defeat it. God has made us all unique and you know what this uniqueness does win. After all each snow crystal stays within a pattern but also develops their own.

Awakening The Asleep

This is a very important piece. Not many will understand it. A recent encounter has made me realise that not many would. They did not have to face this and probably never will. They may not be of an Anglo Saxon race or origin nor European beginnings but they may already been born with privileged passports and into so-called “World Powers” so they will never face these issues. They won’t face someone mispronouncing their name nor do they have to face the struggle between appropriating secularness with religiousness to accommodate others into their work and all of that. When you have ancestry from other places you will always be mapped from there. Many people who are probably from a place where their origins are erased or you know severed ties with may not face this problem as they have already cut that limb from them and called this place the new place or something so they are always beginning in this specific here and so from them they are just this and so communicating only a certain “this” when you are in a specific “there” is much easier. I asked a person at an airport where they are from. It was the Bangladesh airport and he said UK but I had to ask twice to iterate he may have Bangladeshi ancestry. I did this just to be sure as South Asian can mean also Indian and Pakistani or Sri Lankan or Nepali. But the fact he was recalcitrant to say it and was a bit avoidant of me later, only initially made me upset, but thing is he lives in a culture maybe he is still seen as a bit of a foreigner or with foreign origins and to be reminded of that comes with the baggage with many other painful experiences that this post makes me aware of. And many people will never have to face this. They are spared this pain. This feeling of isolation. And then they also think this means they need not practice any empathy. I have seen people uppity on this and I am afraid I do not like their attitude when it becomes that. Then again, I am happy this post was written. It was very needed.