I am fond of long goodbyes as though they were a long banquet not equivalent to the portrayal of the last meal  because there was no betrayal for coins —- no deceptive kiss on the cheek I love the drippingness of sweet words Hopes that could leap out and embrace A resolution to a conversationContinue reading “intimacy-issues”

I feel alone.

I feel alone. And I have forgotten how to write. once I use to flirt with linguistic possibilities and now I just don’t do anything… I don’t write anymore writing has not been killed in me but I don’t know what to write or, how to write or, is it makes sense to me toContinue reading “I feel alone.”


Lattimer is an artist who makes photography really artistic, surreal and exciting. Doing series of all kinds that tells stories his photography makes new avenues of social and philosophical discussions.   ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY J E LATTIMER © 2016 J E LATTIMER ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Source: 01112016