I feel alone.

I feel alone.
And I have forgotten how to write.
once I use to flirt with linguistic possibilities
and now I just don’t do anything…

I don’t write anymore
writing has not been killed in me
but I don’t know what to write
or, how to write
or, is it makes sense to me to write?

I asked myself this question
as I write this, and in the writing what I wrote may be a start or not}
I always tried to be hopeful; I still am
I just think I am too old
my youthful exuberance has failed me
my life is nothing but security and in that I found insecurities
I had and have passions but who wishes to know them or understand – does it really matter?

Perhaps, I have failed for now.
perhaps, I won’t fail again.
But…if failures means I have tried
isn’t that evidence enough for some kind of existence…

2 Replies to “I feel alone.”

  1. You have not failed. Your literary abilities have just laid back for a while. Perk them up and rejuvenate them. Freshen them up and try a new perspective. If you can write this beautiful a poetry, you can surely exhume yourself out of this situation!

    Good luck! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I saw the recent poems of Mari Sanchez Cayuso and I hope I can write with more feelings and literary brilliance as her. I…I don’t think what I wrote her was beautiful but Thank you so much 🙂

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