Daily Life


Mari exposing something very personal of hers in both poetry and photographs. Such bravery is not easily found nowadays. I respect this post very much.

Daily Life

Loving You

Tosha writes about the LIVED experience of love. Of the everyday things that make love into something undeniably good and positive.

Everything I Never Told You


Something sweet and romantic for a change. Gag. Kidding!!

Loving you is a Saturday
feeling and a Sunday stroll.
For you, the encrypted
become unencrypted.

You will never not love me,
even when our weekends turn into

Even when our photos
become monuments of us,
a still life of
sunlight and cedar,
the girl I was, abloom
in a field of beginnings.

Love that can’t hide
in a napkin, a coffee spill
or a blade of grass.

Liveable lives.

Serene seas and mountains,
and the artifacts of
a champagne flute,
periwinkle shirts
and promises.

The litter of swoon
and our once in a
lifetime constellation.

-Tosha Michelle

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Daily Life

Mantis Religiosa

In this poem a Casanova takes an intellectually inclined woman to a date. They talked about the Mantis. And it becomes obvious that “cannibalism” is another way to express disdain and dissatisfaction.

Daily Life


The stylistics and themes and language of this poem with the understanding of the quasi-elements and elements of both elements and elements within people and ones people interact it shows why Mari is a genius. She is also a genius of poetry, thoughts and words. Not to mention the keyboard she is writing in looks super sexy. I love delicate keyboards that make you wanna hug the letters. And her hands are exquisite.