zig-zaggy free

it is hard not being able to write original stories the sequences seem easy and the plotholes seemingly vanquished after plot-drafts and character equations; yet the anima or animus of it all a description, a synopsis or synopses evade me or to sound witty my synapses; that may seem strange and pathetic but a truthContinue reading “zig-zaggy free”


this import of aggression that ennui had made worsted and winnowed into a fine parable that only I can share; I who hold the bones and the crosshairs of my skeletal affixations this tire which is smoothened and crinkled by the night whose gaze is not a penetration by a clitoral malady and not aContinue reading “ennui-tonic”

solace temporary; torture temporary

bits and pieces of raggedy bone that is the slimming of my patience reading other poets online to be inspired as I am exasperated, weight gain and the logic of dieting it infuriates me; not due to non-participation, I need exercise yet a lush-and vivid life too; to call my own this ennui blinks andContinue reading “solace temporary; torture temporary”

a sort of dream imagery practice

edging out into convoluting fragments; eclipsing dust settles the dream is a random wolf searching for its pack it’s collection of fur; it slaughters nightmare wendigos in this dream sitting in haunches looking at rabbits and deers that make the mosaic of the palette hungering is an option we all are baptised in how we satiateContinue reading “a sort of dream imagery practice”

flight of legs

they clipped your wings so you could not fly: you chose to run instead and make some wings of papery grass to glide away. They try to tame you with a tortuous nag, of civilised society you found civilisation on a walk with moss and stone and the freckles of the moon and the cobwebsContinue reading “flight of legs”