A Few Quick Thoughts About Triggers That Trigger

I think triggers are understandable like this. We must be communicative and forgive when we can. There are many mean people but there are always going to people who would actually want to discuss their mental health with you. The only way to try to go about it is be patient. Give the person a chance. I think I would try to do that. I love how this article shows that people may not intentionally try to hurt you. They may genuinely feel confused and not know how to respond.

The Belle Jar

One thing that doesn’t seem to get a lot of discussion is what happens and what we can do when two equal and opposing triggers meet.

We tend to often talk about a lot of triggers as if they are are universal and objective and, thus, avoidable by things like trigger warnings. But while it’s true that some things are widely understood to require trigger warnings – eating disorders, for example, or sexual assault, or violent scenes – the truth is that triggers are based on our own personal experiences and traumas. Some traumas (and therefore triggers) are more commonly shared than others – like the things listed above – but some are a bit more niche. And many people (myself included) don’t always know what’s going to trigger them until that train has more than left the station, which can obviously make dodging triggers a bit tricky.

But what I’d…

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