rolling on

the tenacity of my mouth even when the realm of speech can only bring silence as conversation is the promise of a dew; talking is not cheap it is cheapened but the decidedly virtuous or the virtuoso of teeth; mouthing and mumbling what was never in their vein and even their taste buds couldn’t haveContinue reading “rolling on”

holding on in a cardboard edge

There is something about the popular deadly in its violence of conformity; of implicit “yes” and a nod of “no” I can hear reason bubbling in a soup; atomised to perfection, simmered down still a reason, reasonable enough to hold a candle. Burn it at both ends but have a clamp, to teeth it inContinue reading “holding on in a cardboard edge”

a female’s tale

I suppose I will be understood — when I die? that death be my proof seems such a simple thing a cliche, a blinding light which has no priority: no proprioception. I am not going to die, soon, if I am going to die at all it is a stupid thing to make immortal theContinue reading “a female’s tale”