potential of a memory

in the light of the sun through a window; sized medium, shutters green-slight it slits on the top; reminds me of old cameras — yet what it records? life inside or outside? Both? I am soaked by the frame. It’s reference — a sketch. I am tidying my short hair, happily cut for the occassionContinue reading “potential of a memory”

song in rain

the rain drank the sun; the day fingers a grey-dark ceremonial like some ritualistic garb, aiming for some funereal demonstration or a pilgrimage set in marble and the edification of a time forged in multidimensional pathways — subtle yet interesting the rain drank the sun yet her thirst not quenched the satisfaction was not onlyContinue reading “song in rain”

night tremors

there is a discord in my veins when I can’t sleep at night when I feel that the darkness is equivalence to my solemnity but also the rhapsody of my prayers there is nothing to shy away from the day only insubordinate time with its longings and unkept wishes; I can’t garden time though IContinue reading “night tremors”

crashing on boredom

What is this feeling we call boredom? — was it always a paradox? should be; life is in the roots in the air — zigzagging between the nodes in some membranous digits and some pockets the chemistry of boredom can only be measured when you have really lived; or vicariously searched through the folders ofContinue reading “crashing on boredom”

Slices of Writing (2)

Now that I have established certain stuff I hope it gets to you in an important. If not, no matter — I have some more pointers. If you already knew the previous rules, more power to you. If not, try to incorporate them in your life in whatever customised or direct way you want and need. There is aContinue reading “Slices of Writing (2)”

Slices of Writings (1)

I been writing for 16 years now. I know it may not seem like a long time but I do believe that because I was writing this long, both consistently at times and intermittently at others, that I have gotten some experience. My experience may or may not help others but I think writing downContinue reading “Slices of Writings (1)”

a scratch by a purr

there is a sensation in my bones a chirping of molecules like crickets fastened into my mouth and throat like some oral fixation feel myself moving like thuds in the attic a ghost of a heartbeat manifesting in poltergeist steroids of adrenalin and noise I was flesh before I was matter I was wind beforeContinue reading “a scratch by a purr”

when I cannot sleep

I cannot sleep; the dust of it rounds my eyes into separate spheres, a sea in each dipping night’s ink like a chance of lead into the silvery apparition of a reflected moon cradled between the sinews of a hammocked brain there is a long sigh, a long echo — followed slowly by a songContinue reading “when I cannot sleep”