Happy 10 years to me =D

10 years in WordPress =D Thank Allah Almighty! Not everyone can write this long =) I am happy whatever I have written here. Writing has been there for me during VERY troubled times. And, I am happy to have had it. It makes me so happy to know I can still write and that itContinue reading “Happy 10 years to me =D”

everyday sighs

Why am I sad? Because I wish to exist in the microcosms of ordinary pleasures where the everyday is not passaged by the parties of food and wine. Where I know a quite labour of reading your fine mouth over a cup of coffee and the satin taste of tea I do not belong butContinue reading “everyday sighs”

beauty in you

I will bridge you with the birch between our tongues; cloister my speech as though it was a language you know and I toast yours as my own. lexicon our saliva and nodes and finger my spine with yours do you see the wetting of my eyes do you know how to rotate yourself? TheContinue reading “beauty in you”


I haven’t written And, I haven’t chosen to be written; though I am written in leaves and blood and the mud — snapping with teeth like the branches of the woods Oh, youth, you made me feel fresh And immortal Not a serving of flesh cased behind a bone and all the bone is chewingContinue reading “Perseverent”