Me ♠ Ami



You can call me an eccentric. You can say I am an inventor of bizarre artifacts that may or may not be of any use to you. You could say I am talkative. You can say I am taciturn. You can say I am an introverted-extrovert – a rare specimen of balance, chaos and harmony or an everyday Jane who due to Allah’s law of equality has decided to sport her words on the international, inter-connective world of the web. Overall, what you think matters to me and it doesn’t.

Paradox is life. It etches into you. As productively as the arresting heartbeat that tells you, you are alive. And this way of conveying introductions was taught to me by the masters of the web-word dictum. Obviously, learning from others is a knowledge that gains increasing ignorance day by day even in our postmodern world. Be it novelists or DNA technicians the art of bypassing others’ flaws to their inventory of inventions takes a real set-aside for the ego (it is not masculine, it is feminine too: sex and gender are not switches in its remote control).

Aside from the statements above which you may take as verbal oozing of pride or as the exquisite Hannibal Lecter would say “intellectual vanity” (though I dare not transcend and say I possess much intellect or else my brain would cry as a child under peer pressure) or as just another Jane’s speech of introductions I cannot escape the necessity of facts of the actual world which I had postponed to state till now.

I love Allah Almighty and I love Psychology, art, anime (Japanese animation) and the seductions of the written world (do you not see how it undresses me  here). I love reading novels too with the hope too I might write novels in the future as well  INSHALLAH (which is a saying in religion in hope that My Forger will deliver me this wish). I love writing essays and opinions and daydreaming is my daily drug that coexists with blood and organ in my physical vehicle.

I am not good in my vernacular hoping to improve on it (I am from Bangladesh thus my mother tongue is Bangla or known as Bengali) and I love the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena and the book The Unbearable Lightness Of Being and believe they should be watched/read along with the novel Oryx and Crake of course other books like written by Noam Chomsky, Derrida, Cixous, Rokeya, Rabindranath, FForde’s Shades of Grey (minus the unintelligent 50) and many more.  I love manysubjects deemed controversial by the mainstream so yes philosophy is a sibling of mine (though I do possess a sibling in the actual dimension of course touched and felt by all including his darling love). That which I do not love includes that play of mortification known as Twilight for the underrepresentation of its potentials which I loved and making it into a sketch-comedy of “romance” to which I dub “the chemically insane hormonal parody of two teens who are taking a crash course on how to abuse and fall victim to the body’s disturbia”. I, do, however, love the Harry Potter series despite its disappointing closure. In fact, a mature conclusion is always visible in The Lord Of The Rings  and its story for its evocation of suffering and rebirth and its display of showing that humans alone do not possess these elements.

Well, I guess I spoke enough. Thank-you for the mic now requesting the next individual who revels in silhouettes and planetary eclipses to come up stage


*background courtesy of background labs

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