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When you read this you get the author’s subjectivity and also a social minutiae, not absolvable yet kinda on track 🙂

Etches of Ink and Light

*some differences nobody would hold on to if they were not instrumentalized to exploit, marginalize, silence, and oppress bodies in power’s peripheries. these differences are now the craze because they can be re-instrumentalized to beat, slap, spit at the globe’s masters. i want us to shed shed shed these tools and abandon the master’s toolbox in the corner of an attic.

*some arguments nobody would get shipwrecked with if dialogues were endless digressions with no destination. statements would gather leaves, make a branch of themselves in their own rhythm, and intertwine with another, staying intimately separate, if dialogues were not about outcompeting to reach the best solution, if dialogues were about visioning many futures. i want us to abandon abandon abandon the search for a best that never arrives for the experience of the worth-a-while, the splashing and rolling of our voices on rocks.

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Everyday Awkward

Lolness and all to true 😀

Storytime with John

Here’s your daily dose of silliness – but something that is seriously all too common in my daily routine…can anyone else relate to my top five everyday awkward moments?

1. Showing someone a video/song, and immediately making excuses for it:

Show GIF

This happens to me a lot…usually it is a “funny” video – or a song that I think no one in their right mind couldn’t love…only to be met with blank stares. “Errrr, just stick with it! Err…it gets good soon…huh…hmm…it isn’t that funny on second thought…sorry…sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Then your friend pretends it wasn’t that bad, and the awkward circle continues.

2. Holding the door open for someone, after miscalculating how far away they were:

Wait Door GIF

This was brought up on a recent post, but I think we can all agree that this one is a lurking MENACE. You are wandering along in your own…

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second person

The second person detailed in a creative fiction 🙂

girl in the hat

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.13.25 PM

In a writing class recently, we experimented with first and second person.  Why not third? I don’t know, since it’s my favorite.  To me, first person is sometimes too personal, and second is just too presumptuous, but third lets me hide behind the scenes yelling stuff and throwing water balloons.  Still, it was a fun exercise, and I must admit that although it felt wrong, that second person pulled something out of me that I didn’t know was there.

instructions: write about something you love in first person

There’s something about the sound a train makes that moves me. It makes precisely the noise I’d like to make to explain that feeling. It’s an animal noise, a cat in heat, a lonesome howl, the squee of a hawk from the clouds.

I’m having an argument with my husband and the train cries in the distance. I’m bent over pulling weeds…

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I Don’t Think People Should Judge Me For Who I Really Am

“Do you have any idea of the things that I’ve been through that have turned me into the person that I am today? I have struggles. Struggles that I refuse to face properly, so I lash out in different directions, but struggles nonetheless.”

Through this comic piece Daniel actually talked very sarcastically about people who wear their hurt as a prized banner to just be mean to others as an excuse for meanness that I actually think should be pointed out and disowned as immediately as possible.

Haikyuu!! Review

This review says it all 😉
as usual PAB has done an excellent and intrinsic review especially on a year’s favourite 😀

The Pantless Anime Blogger

This is review number two hundred and ninety five. This anime is part of the Spring 2014 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is the second most voted anime on my review poll. It’s Haikyuu!! It’s a twenty five episode anime about the sports of volleyball with Kuroko teaching the main character how to do a misdirection. Hahaha. I just made a joke about how this anime is like Kuroko no Basket. *sigh* This review is abnormally long though so let’s just read on.

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Because i was twenty-one: Why i’m not done with the Jian Ghomeshi abuse story

“i was raped. I knew my attacker. I had broken ribs, and a pregnancy that ended in an abortion later that year. Even later, there would be a trial”
though there are some people who do make false allegations when you are not one and when you are forced to be in a position that makes people think you are lying it is the worst, fucking feeling available.

Begins With Lemon and Ends With Pie

[Content note: abuse, being disbelieved]

Since last night, almost as soon as the Toronto Star published the article wherein eight women — including Lucy Decoutere — came forward with allegations of abuse by Jian Ghomeshi, i’ve been reading a number of variations on the theme of being done with the Jian story. And i can sympathize.

I’m done with Jian Ghomeshi too.

But I’m not done with Lucy Decoutere.

I’m not done with any of the other seven women whose stories are reported by the Star.

I’m not done with the unnamed woman who spoke yesterday evening on CBC’s As It Happens.

I’m not done with any potential survivors who haven’t spoken yet.

I’m not even done with them if they don’t speak.

I’m not done with the women who have been assaulted by other famous or well-loved men.

I’m not done with the women who were assaulted by men…

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