trying to be a bit attentive


budding bodies, coarse anatomies; picture a broken jaw and sensitive lips
to kiss that kind of person is worrisome, ugly — defiance of centrefold cages
where glossy people blankly looked bored; at times photographic calm, beauty appreciated, at times jotted-down lies, beauty catabolized . Oh, carnage is cozy because carnage knows its wanted. I’m talking about love — the kind of love that reminds of God, others, sleeping spouses with a ring like your own, of children coughing, of friends in some coffee delight and of imagination surrounded by natural traits and planetary wonders that make intimacies of both distance and closure.

Some days ago you gave me flowers with no love due
I gave you chocolates that made stalement its capitalism.
Like stretched elastics we’ve been pulled obscenely
and when did you move to the opposite side of the chessboard I could not know
I thought we had the same team; I do not like this checkered dance.▬

a sort of fight


sometimes it’s harder to understand the finer lines between wrath and jealousy
unprecedented is the passcode to enter the possibility — God shows us what we never think off
as I look around
as I apologize for my crimes to the egotistical humans
I ponder why there is no quid pro quo
the criminal gets away; places changed
musical chairs crashing like a domino factory
the individual/collective versus the individual/collective
if I wronged did you spew your venomous retribution like a silky ghost?
was it just? Was it necessary to bring out your thoughts in ways that erupted in insatiably-destructive?
If I wronged you; you wronged me too

but when you smile I see you want to win
with that attitude you can never win the war.▬