I have other blogs on the web. Call it a habitual progression into different articles and/or the interest to experiment with platforms ^_^:

  • Aevumus – Anime dissection is the theme for this blog. I like delving into the animes I watch and give my own critique to what is sheer tragedy or a masterpiece of the masterpieces.
  • Dose – Personas are nice to have if one can keep them fictionally stimulating. This blog of mine has me talking as another person – a popular character who you might even like.
  • Stone Of A Fortress| The Pandora Matchbox – my other blog which I mostly use to write and rant
  • Ether Axis — this is my Tumblr blog and I must Tumblr is a very good blogging engine if you want to reblog great photos and keep track of the people in the community you favourite/subscribe. The feeds are always in your  user-page and many of the Tumblr users update great photos and quotes that you can easily see in your dashboard. I think many of the bloggers in this platform are MASHALLAH highly creative.
  • Trailing  The Astral Plane — this is a new blog I opened on a platform called Posterous very good in its simplistic yet effective engine.

Experimenting on different sites. Might relocate…or not… In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the other sites you go to.

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